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Solomon Islands: Issues and Options in the Energy Sector

This report was prepared by the UNDP and World Bank Energy sector  assessment  program. Report of the Joint UNDP/World Bank Energy Sector Assessment Program.  1985 report.

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Lata Coconut Oil Fuel Trials

Lata coconut oil generation trials by the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) now known as Solomon Power. This project will see SIEA will then carryout a pilot project at Lata, Santa Cruz, which will use one of SIEA’s three diesel generators converted to run on pure coconut oil.

Country Report For Solomon Islands : Technical Analysis of Appliance Markets to Support the Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards (PALS) Programme

This report was prepared by the International Institute for Energy Conservation- ASIA (IIEC Asia) for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP).  The objective of this study is to analyse the characteristics of major appliance and lighting products and markets in the Solomon Islands.

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Hulavu Conference Centre Renewable Energy Project Installation Report & Memorandum of Agreement

The Hulavu Conference Centre Energy Project is one of the renewable energy projects in the Solomon Islands con-funded between the Honiara Based West Guadalcanal Constituency Association (HBWGCA) and SPC Small Energy Projects Programme (SEPP). Attached here are the installation report and memorandum of agreement.

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Pacific Energy Regulators Study Tour and Training - Training Announcement

Training Announcement regarding the Pacific Energy Regulators Study Tour and Training held in Tonga, August 2016. 

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Solomon Islands Environment Act 1998

 An Act to make provision for the protection and conservation of the environment; the establishment of the environment and conservation division and the environment advisory committee and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. The objects of the act is to provide for and establish integrated systems of development control, environmental impact assessment and pollution control.

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Pacific Islands Fuel Quality and Storage Capacity 2016

This data was prepared by the Energy Programme, Economic Development Division, Secretariat of the Pacific Community. This data has been prepared to inform and support the work of officials of Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) that regulate or monitor the price of fuel in their respective jurisdictions.

Dataset captures the fuel quality in terms of sulphur content , octane number and gas imported by the 18 PICTs and their total storage capacity.

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Progress Toward Sustainable Energy Global Tracking Framework 2015 (GTF 2015)

Presentation on the GTF in Bangkok on the SDG7 Energy Access Workshop in June 2016. Entry captures presentation and GTF SE4ALL data as of September 2015, downloaded from the World Bank Data Catalog Site:

Additional information on the SE4ALL data attached:

Type: Time series

Periodicity - Annual

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Natural Gas
1990 - 2010

Solomon Islands - World Small Hydropower Development Report 2013

Hydropower report for the Solomon Islands. Report published in 2013 by UNIDO and International Center on Small Hydro Power.

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