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ADB : Pacific Energy Update - 2021

The Pacific Energy Update 2021 highlights ADB's involvement with governments and partners in the Pacific region. It also serves as a knowledge bank and as a key financier, supporting Pacific countries in their shift towards clean energy while fostering partnerships to enhance resilience and inclusive growth pathways. 

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ADB : Pacific Energy Update - 2020

The Pacific Energy Update 2020 provides an overview of the work ADB involvement with governments and partners across the Pacific to advance regional goals and deliver lasting impacts. 

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ADB : Pacific Energy Update - 2019

The Pacific Energy Update 2019 provides an overview of ADB’s technical assistance (TA), grant, and lending activities in the region. It showcases the impacts and outcomes of initiatives completed in 2019, and active as of November 2019. It also describes selected activities slated for implementation in the years to come.

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The gold Standard Manual for CDM Projects Developers Version 3; Mai 2006

 This Gold Standard Project Developer’s manual refers to The Gold Standard Project Design Document for CDM Projects (GS-PDD) and to The Gold Standard Project Design Document for SmallScale CDM Projects (GS-SSC-PDD).This manual helps developers to complete the Gold Standard project design documents for both large- and small-scale projects. It provides guidance on the information that needs to be provided for successful validation and registration under the Gold Standard.

European Union Pacific Technical and Vocational Education and Training on Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Adaptation Project (EU PACTVET) - Annual Report Year 4

PACTVET Annual Report Year 4; Reporting period 1st August 2017 - 31st July 2018.

Annual report contains herewith:

  1. Key Milestone
  2. Introduction
  3. Summary of Project Progress Year 4
  4. Governance Structure and Global Management
  5. Project Progress Year 4
  6. Financial Progress
  7. Project Workplan
  8. Country Update
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EU - GIZ ACSE: Fiji Energy Hybrid Power Project -- Concept Note

EU - GIZ ACSE: Fiji Energy Hybrid Power Project - Concept Note provides an outline of the details of the project. The Solar Photovoltaic Systems will be installed in three Island Communities namely, Kiao, Namuka-i-Lau and Yasawa. 

The project aims to:

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EU-GIZ ACSE: Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Project Development Design

Enhancing Investments in small-scale renewable energy technologies in FSM focus on the sustainable energy. This Project Development design covers a detail summary of the project its objectives, activities, key deliverables and proposed outcomes etc.

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EU-GIZ ACSE FSM Project Brief

EU-GIZ ACSE: FSM Concept Notes

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EU-GIZ ACSE: Kiribati Project Development Design

This report highlights a detail summary of the Solar boarding schools for Kiribati. It provides the key feautres of the project, criteria for its sucess and deliverable planned out with timelines added.

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EU Adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy (ACSE)

EU-GIZ ACSE: Kiribati Concept Notes

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EU-GIZ ACSE FSM Project Brief - Improving the regulatory and financial environment to enhance investments in small-scale renewable energy technologies

The project will enhance investments in small-scale Renewable Energy (RE) in FSM through providing legislaton to guide the connecton of RE systems to the main power grid. The project will also provide small-scale users with access to loans through the FSM Development Bank. The project aligns with the focus on contributng to the natonal energy policy target for renewable energy and the reducton of fossil fuel use for power generaton.

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