Vanuatu's National Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan (NEESAP) : 2022 - 2030

The strategy is to address the need for an energy efficiency policy and regulatory framework to enhance and upscale energy efficiency in Vanuatu which includes regulating and testing of electrical appliances. 

Pacific Energy and Gender Network (PEGSAP)

The Pacific Community (SPC) requested technical assistance from the Canadian Trade and Investment Facility (CTIF) to relaunch the Pacific Energy and Gender (PEG) Network whose objective is to increase women's engagement as entrepreneurs and professionals in the clean energy employment market. There are 2 components to the publication:

Gender-Based Assessment - Part 1: Energy Sector Analysis

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Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards Programme (PALS) Final Evaluation Final Report

The Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards Programme (PALS), with funding and oversight from the Commonwealth of Australia, and regional management from the Pacific Community (SPC), has supported ten PICs since 2012 as they sought to enact legislation and implement Minimum Energy Performance  Standards and Labelling (MEPSL) for their highest energy-consuming appliances.

Comparative Report Pacific Region Electricity Bills 2018

Sixth report of the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) on electricity bills (electricity tariff) comparisons for the Pacfic  Island Countries and Territories.

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to provide a comparison of electricity prices paid by customers in Vanuatu with customers in different small Pacific island countries across region.

2018 Pacific Fuel Price Monitor

This report captures Pacific Fuel Price Monitor for 2018 based on an annual average. The review covers the Pacific Fuel prices (source from Pacific Island countries including Australia and New Zealand).

The reports captures:

  • regional retail fuel prices
  • unleaded motor gasoline prices (mogas)
  • automotive diesel oil (ADO) prices
  • kerosene prices and
  • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)


Vanuatu 2030 The People's Plan - National Sustainable Development Plan 2016 to 2030

2030 | The People's Plan as our National Sustainable Development Plan for the period 2016 to 2030.

This plan builds on the progress made and lessons learned under the Priorities and Action Agenda, which guided our national development efforts between 2006 and 2015, and the Millennium Development Goals, which also expired in 2015.

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Extension of Electricity Grid in Tanna and Malekula Concession - Vanuatu

This report highlights Vanuatu Utility Authority independent review and assesment in Tanna and Malekula concession.

Executive Summary

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Concession Contract for the Generation and Public Supply of Electric Power - Malekula Island (Vanuatu)

Herewith Concenssion Contract Agreement made on 14 July 2000 between the Government of Vanuatu, Grantor; Minister for Lands, Geology, Mines, Energy, Urban and Rural Water Supply and Concessionnaire; Union Electrique Du Vanuatu Ltd (UNELCO).

FIrst Part - Convention: Article 1 - 16

Second Part - Specifications: Article 17 - 20

Keywords: Vanuatu, Malekula Island, Concession Contract, Electricity, Union Electrique Du Vanuatu Ltd (UNELCO), Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA)

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Vanuatu Monitoring Report - Diesel Pricing for Electricity Services

The aim of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of the fuel price as input in the calculation of electricity prices paid by customers in Vanuatu. The report describes the supply chain and pricing mechanism for fuel used in electricity generation, together with the findings and conclusions of investigations by the team

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