Concession Contract for the Generation and Public Supply of Electric Power - Malekula Island (Vanuatu)

Herewith Concenssion Contract Agreement made on 14 July 2000 between the Government of Vanuatu, Grantor; Minister for Lands, Geology, Mines, Energy, Urban and Rural Water Supply and Concessionnaire; Union Electrique Du Vanuatu Ltd (UNELCO).

FIrst Part - Convention: Article 1 - 16

Second Part - Specifications: Article 17 - 20

Keywords: Vanuatu, Malekula Island, Concession Contract, Electricity, Union Electrique Du Vanuatu Ltd (UNELCO), Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA)

Related Link: Extension of Electricity Grid Tanna and Malekula

Government of Vanuatu
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