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Generation & Distribution, SAIDI & SAIFI Indicators for the Power Utilities in the Pacific (PPA 2012)

Data tables of generation & distribution, SAIDI & SAIFI key performance indicators (KPIs) obtained via PPA benchmarking exercise. Data is extracted from PPA 2012 report, published in 2015. Reports are also available within this portal. The dataset has been verified with the data table in the report.

Pacific Utilities, 2012, Electricity Tariff Table (PPA Benchmarking)

Electricity tariff table of Pacific Utilities, obtained through the Pacific Power Association (PPA) benchmarking exercise. Data table is extracted from the 2012 PPA Report, published in 2015. PPA Reports were downloaded from the PPA Website and is available within this portal. This dataset captures both electricity tariffs in the local currency & USD. Tariff review was carried out by PPA and some utilities were not represented in this table due to difficulty in understanding or missing information. 

Region, Utility Electricity Sales (GWh), 2011

Utility electricity sales in 2011 across 21 power utilities in the Pacific. Electricity sales captured by consumer type:  households, industry and others (including Government).Source: PPA Benchmarking Report 2012.  Report can be accessed by typing PPA in the repository search box of the portal


Pacific Island Populations (from last Census)

Record captures Pacific Island Population based on the last population census as well as projectiond/estimates. Estimates and projections of demographic indicators are for selected years. This spreadsheet was last updated in September 2013.  Data captured are:

Regional Power Utilities Basic Information, 2011

This record holds basic information on the power utilities in the 14 PICs for 2011. Basic information captured are:
1. Installed capacity,
2. Gross generation excluding IPPs
3. Maximum demand
4. Minimum demand
5. Number of customers
6. Number of employees

Source - PPA Benchmarking Report 2012. PPA reports can be downloaded from the repository section of this portal


Regional Gross Generation by Source, 2010

Record holds regional gross generation by source for the main grid only for the 14 power utilities in the Pacific. Generation provided by source for ADO, heavy fuel oil, hydropower, wind energy, solar PV, biomass & biofuel. Data gives % of renewable energy share in the main grid.

Source - PPA Benchmarking 2011 Report.

Report can be accessed by typing PPA in the repository search box of the portal

Renewable Power Generation Cost in 2014

Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014 is one of the most comprehensive studies yet made on the renewable energy price revolution in the power sector. Its findings are striking. Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules in 2014 cost three-quarters less than in 2009, while wind turbine prices declined by almost a third over the same period. The cost of electricity from utility-scale PV systems has fallen by around half since 2010.

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Renewable Energy Opportunities for Island Tourism

This report analyzes in detail the potential contribution to the island tourism sector of four renewable energy technologies (RETs): 

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Comparative Report Pacific Region Electricity Bills, 2015

Third report of the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) on electricity bills (electricity tariff) comparisons for the Pacfic countries and territories. Report uses spot currency exchange rates in March 2015,since the trend in rankings is only meaningful by holding exchange rates constant at the last version of the report. 

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Pacific Region Electricity Bills - Comparative Report 2014

Pacific Region Electricity Bills - Comparison Report 2014 for the electricity sector. Report published by the Vanuatu Utility Regulatory Authority (URA). URA conducted an analysis of bills, electricity tariff for electricity customers across the Pacific. This reports provides the summary of the findings. 

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