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Pacific Region Electricity Bills, Comparison Report 2013

Pacific Region Electricity Bills - Comparison Report 2013 for the electricity sector. Report published by the Vanuatu Utility Regulatory Authority (URA). URA conducted an analysis of bills, electricity tariff for electricity customers across the Pacific. This reports provides the summary of the findings. 

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Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project - Environment and Social Management Framework

The Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project (SEIDP) will be implemented by the Pacific Power Assocition and will provide technical assistance to increase data availability and capacity in Pacific Island power utilities for renewable energy. This Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) sets out the principles and procedures for managing the environment and social aspects of the project. The framework is to guide the PPA and its consultants on how to screen the activities and manage any issues during project implementation.

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Pacific Islands Fuel Pricing Manual

Manual prepared by the SPC Energy Programme to inform and support work of PICTs officials that regulate or monitor the price of fuel in their respective jurisdictions. To demonstrate how the cost of Pacific Island fuels can be better understood by referring to its various components which are both internationally and locally influenced. 

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Final Report Performance Benchmarking for Pacific Power Utilities, October 2002

The purpose of this report is to provide the results of the current round of benchmarking for Pacific power utilities. The objective of Pacific power benchmarking is to stimulate analysis and improvement in performance of participants. 

This benchmarking project has been performed through the following phases:

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Manual of Performance Benchmarking for Pacific Power Utilities , 2002

The purpose of this Manual is to provide easy-to-follow guidelines for use of benchmarking in Pacific power utilities.

The Pacific Power Association (PPA) and the Asian Development Bank(ADB) have initiated co-ordinated benchmarking for Pacific power utilities by facilitating the
conduct of a first round of benchmarking.  This Manual provides easy-to-follow guidelines upon how Pacific power utilities can continue with benchmarking to obtain maximum on-going benefits.

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Manual of Perfomance Benchmarking for Pacific Power Utilities, September 2012

This Manual is a joint publication of the Pacific Power Association (PPA) and the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility (PRIF). This edition of the Power Benchmarking Manual draws upon the original Benchmarking Manual published by the Pacific Power Association in 2002 and funded by the Asian Development Bank. The contents of the 2002 version form the basis of Section 1 of this edition.

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Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities of the US Affiliate States (Excluding US Virgin Islands) - American Samoa Power Authority(ASPA)

Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities of the US Affiliate States (Excluding US Virgin Islands) -  American Samoa Power Authority(ASPA). April 30, 2012 - version 1- Final. KEMA was awarded by the Pacific Pow er Association (PPA) in Fiji to carry out a project called “Quantification of Energy Efficiency in the Utilities of the U.S. Affiliate States (Excluding US Virgin Islands)”.

Attached in this record:

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Performance Benchmarking for Pacific Power Utilities report, March 2013: Baseline year of Study - 2011 Fiscal Year

Annual benchmarking is a mechanism for better information collection and decision making within power utilities, and assisting the improvement of operational efficiency, service delivery and overall performance.

During 2012, 22 Pacific Island power utilities participated in the second of a programme of annual performance benchmarking studies. This year’s benchmarking employed the same indicators established by the 2011 study – itself the first benchmarking assessment to be carried out in more than a decade.

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System Installation Guidelines for the Pacific Islands (Grid-Connected PV System)

The perfomance of a reliable installation that fulfils a customers expectation requires both careful design and correct installation practice.

This is a system installation guidelines for the Pacific Islands on a Grid-Connected PV Systems.

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Endorsed Proposal for the PRDR SE4ALL

This proposal has been prepared for the consideration of senior officials and Minsters at the SPC-convened Energy and Transport Ministers Meeting being held in Nadi from 31 March to 4 April 2014. It has been developed by ESCAP with the assistance of Dr. Herbert Wade, an independent consultant who undertook missions to Tuvalu (21-25 January 2014), Kiribati (26 January to 2 February 2014), and Vanuatu (4 - 7 February, 2014) 1 to help determine the feasibility of the PRDR through interviews with key stakeholders in those countries.

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