Manual of Perfomance Benchmarking for Pacific Power Utilities, September 2012

This Manual is a joint publication of the Pacific Power Association (PPA) and the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility (PRIF). This edition of the Power Benchmarking Manual draws upon the original Benchmarking Manual published by the Pacific Power Association in 2002 and funded by the Asian Development Bank. The contents of the 2002 version form the basis of Section 1 of this edition. In response to feedback received through the 2011 Benchmarking Report, sections have been added to cover the benchmarking questionnaire, explanation of key performance indicators and sample calculations, and an introduction to Performance Improvement Plans.

This Manual was designed to encourage Pacific power utilities to continue undertaking benchmarking activities. The Manual is comprised of easy-to-follow guidelines to ensure benchmarking participation is effective and efficient and results in maximum on-going activities. Manual is structured as follows:

  1. The Benchmarking Process
  2. Benchmarking Questionnaire
  3. Kep Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  4. Examples of KPI Calculations
  5. Data Reliability Assessment
  6. Performance Improvement Plans.

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 Keywords - Utilities benchmarking report, PPA benchmarking report, 2012

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