Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Island Diaspora Survey (2014)

Executive summary - A Survey of the Diaspora was undertaken to inform the Pitcairn Island Council (PIC) and the United Kingdom Government (UKG) of the potential for Diaspora migration to Pitcairn. In order for the PIC to consider the potential to increase the population count through Pitcairn Diaspora migration, information on the size, spread, potential interest, and conditions of returning was required.

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Pitcairn Island Economic Review (2014)

Executive summary - Economic development is a function of the resources that are available – land, sea and human; and these combined with access to markets and governance capability determines economic outcomes. Land on Pitcairn is rugged and not suited to larger-scale commercial agriculture production. The sea provides fish for personal consumption, but large scale commercial fishing is not viable. Human resources are limited, a function of a small and aging population base.

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Pacific Islands Energy Policy and Plan (2002)

This document represents a regional consensus, affirmed at the 2002 Regional Energy Meeting in Cook Islands via the Rarotonga Declaration.

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Pacific Island Populations (from last Census)

Record captures Pacific Island Population based on the last population census as well as projectiond/estimates. Estimates and projections of demographic indicators are for selected years. This spreadsheet was last updated in September 2013.  Data captured are:


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