Solid Waste Management in the Pacific Series (2014) collection of reports

This series outlines the status of solid waste management in ADB's Pacific member economies and recommends key points for action to address challenges related to solid waste management.

Reports available:

  1. Cook Islands Country Snapshot
  2. Fiji Country Snapshot
  3. Kiribati Country Snapshot
  4. RMI Country Snapshot
  5. FSM Country Snapshot
  6. Nauru Country Snapshot
  7. Palau Country Snapshot
  8. PNG Country Snapshot
  9. Samoa Country Snapshot
  10. SI Country Snapshot
  11. Timor -Leste Country Snapshot
  12. Tonga Country Snapshot
  13. Tuvalu Country Snapshot
  14. Vanuatu Country Snapshot
  15. Appropriate Technologies
  16. Financial Arrangements
  17. Institutional arrangements

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