Marshall Islands: Electricity Road Map 2018

The Republic of Marshall Islands Electricity Road Map

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Marshall Islands: National Strategic Plan 2020 -2030

The National Strategic Plan (NSP) is designed as a framework to coordinate the articulated long-term development goals and objectives of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) government at the national level.

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Fiji Electricity Act 2017

Review of Fiji Electricity Act 2017

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Fiji National Energy Policy: 2023-2030

Fiji's national energy production and consumption remains highly dependent on imported fossil fuels, due to the current demands of the transport sector and the ongoing relience on thermal power plants to suppliment renewable energy sources within electricity sector. In light of Fiji’s commitments to address both the causes and impacts of climate change and transition rapidly, to a sustainable economy producing net-zero emissions annually by 2050, this National Energy Policy provides the intent, direction, and priority objectives to support national energy security, a

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Waves and Coasts - Cost Analysis of Wave and Energy in the Pacific

This research was conducted as part of the Waves and Coasts in the Pacific project (WACOP project), financed by the European Union, Grant Number FED/2011/281-131.

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APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook 8th Edition 2022

The report contains Energy Demand and Supply Outlook for 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) members economies for 2022


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