LPG and Natural Gas as Alternative Energy Sources for the Pacific

The study assesses the potential and economic feasibility of LPG, LNG or CNG to meet medium term energy needs in PICTs. It considers the end-use applications of power generation, process heating, maritime transport, land transport, cooking and water heating. The existing fuels considered for substitution include heavy fuel oil (HFO), diesel, gasoline, kerosene and biomass.

International aviation fuel is excluded because gas does not offer a technologically viable alternative to aviation fuel at this stage.

The research phase of the study consisted of desk research; in-country research in Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), New Caledonia, Tonga and Vanuatu; and consultations with government officials and industry representatives. Twenty countries and territories were included1. The consultations with government and industry representatives were crucial because they indicated the most likely scenarios or entry points, and the implications of different decisions that have been (or might be) made by individual countries. Data has been aggregated from the best available sources at the time of writing, though there are some data gaps.

The report presents scenarios and possible situations and reflects the collective understanding at the time the information was being collated. The hypothetical scenarios include one for LPG in air conditioning and two for fuel substitution with LNG or CNG.

Craig Morgan
Derek Atkinson
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