Pacific Energy Update 2018

The 14 developing member countries (DMCs) of the Pacific Department of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cover a wide diversity.

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Review of Tariff of Palau Utility Corporation Final Report

This report was prepared by Ridgeway Capital Projects Limited and Empower Consultant Limited for the Palau Energy Office as the implementing partner for The United Nations Development Program. With 99.3% of its electricity being produced from diesel based generation, Palau is exposed to the risk of volatile and rising electricity prices. As fuel costs comprise almost two thirds of all operating expenses, any rise in the price of diesel has a consequent impact on required tariffs. There are a number of alternatives to diesel generation of electricity for Palau.

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Pacific Fuel Price Monitor 2017

This report captures the 2017 yearly, Pacific Fuel Price Monitor. Reviews are based on analysis of Means of Platts Singapore(MOPS), Benchmark Saudi Aramco LPG prices(sourced from 3MCO) and Pacific Fuel Prices on an annual average (source from Pacific Island countries)

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Electricity and Water Regulation in Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Palau

The electricity sector highlights how the sector is organized, recent performance trends, and a desk assessment of regulatory substance and governance. This assessment will be supplemented through field work. The areas where further information is needed from field interviews are highlighted in this case study.

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Progress report on the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific 2010–2020 implementation plan for the period April 2011 to December 2015

This report is an effort to capture what has been carried out under the ‘Implementation Plan of the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific 2011–2015’. It is an attempt to improve the accountability and transparency of the work of the implementation partners, in highlighting what has been carried out, what were their outputs and what impacts they made.

Keywords - FAESP implementation plan progress report 2015

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White Paper: Empowering Low Emission Development in the Pacific - March 2018

The RALI Series is a collection of papers developed by the RALI project to share examples of low emission development in practice. The series features case studies, tools, and innovative new approaches in this space, highlighting user benefits and lessons learned. To learn more about the RALI project, visit

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Energy Vulnerability Assessment for the U.S. Pacific Islands (1994)

There have been no comprehensive energy vulnerability assessments conducted for any of the Pacific islands in the nineties, whether under US. flag or independent nation. In fact, there have been only a handful of comprehensive analyses of the energy sector in the Pacific islands. The East-West Center in conjunction with the United Nations (UNDP and ESCAP), the Australian National University and the Forum Secretariat produced the Energy Mission Report series which covered the independent island nations in 1982 USDOE published the Tm'fotial Energy Assessment: Final Report in December 1982.

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2015 Census of Population Housing and Agriculture for the Republic of Palau - Volume 1: Basic Tables

The 2015 Census of Population, Housing and Agriculture is the third comprehensive data collection of population and housing characteristics and the first data collection of agriculture included with population and housing taken by the Republic since Compact Implementation in October 1994.

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Compendium of Case Studies on Climate and Disaster Resilient Development in the Pacific 2015

This compendium showcases programmes and projects from across the Pacific region that address climate change and disaster risks, through climate change adaptation (CCA), disaster risk management (DRM) and/or greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

These forty case studies cover different topics across Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) and showcase significant work undertaken by the region to address climate and disaster-related challenges and to build resilience.

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Solid Waste Management in the Pacific Series (2014) collection of reports

This series outlines the status of solid waste management in ADB's Pacific member economies and recommends key points for action to address challenges related to solid waste management.

Reports available:

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