Updated Vanuatu Energy Roadmap 2016-2030

Vanuatu’s National Energy Road Map (NERM) was considered and endorsed by the Council of Ministers in 2013. The NERM is the policy framework for developing the

energy sector in Vanuatu.

The NERM identified five priorities for the energy sector: access, petroleum supply, affordability, energy security, and climate change. It set out objectives, targets and actions
to achieve these priorities and contribute to the NERM’s overall vision.

Since the NERM was launched, Vanuatu’s economy and energy sector have continued to develop. External events, such as Cyclone Pam in early-2015, have also shaped how energy sector policies and priorities are conceived.

The purpose of this document is to update the NERM to reflect recent developments. This updated NERM has the same vision as the 2013 version of the NERM, and its objectives, targets, and actions are intended to be consistent. In updating the NERM, the Government is, however, taking the opportunity to provide more detail on particular areas (especially energy efficiency and green growth), and improve consistency of the priorities and objectives.

To achieve the NERM’s vision, this updated NERM focuses on five priorities: accessible energy, affordable energy, secure and reliable energy, sustainable energy, and green growth. These five priorities are used to categorise the key objectives of the NERM (although several objectives work to achieve multiple priorities). 

The updated NERM was developed through a collaborative process, and reflects the contributions of a range of energy sector stakeholders with technical assistance and funding provided by the World Bank Group and the Global Green Growth Institute.

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