South Pacific Wind and Solar Monitoring Project

Following expression of interest from several Forum Island Countries for assistance in assessing their wind resource, the Forum Secretariat initiated the South Pacific Wind and Solar Monitoring Project in 1993. The goal of the project was to establish at a suitable site in each participating country, a wind and solar radiation monitoring system for evaluating the potential of wind power for main grid electricity generation and to record and analyse wind and solar energy data for a period of 2 years. This is final report for a 2 year study to measure the wind and solar radiation resource on this 5 countries:

 The 5 countries were:

  1. Cook Islands (Ngatangiia on Rarotonga),
  2. Fiji (Vunatovau on Viti Levu),
  3. Niue (Hakupu),
  4. Tonga (Tungi Estate on Tongatapu) and
  5. Vanuatu (White Sands on Efate). 
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wind solar resource monitoring
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resource monitoring data
SPC has the raw data files for this project, but permission from the respective Department of Energy is needed to access the data.
1993 - 1994
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