Tonga Combine Utilities Business Plan 2018 - 2022

The five-year Business Plan covering the period 2018-2022 was developed to achieve the visions, objectives and developments for the major Tonga Utilities namely;

  • Tonga Power Limited (TPL),
  • Tonga Gas Limited(TGL) & Home Gas Limited (HGL),
  • Tonga Water Board Limited and
  • Waste Authority Limited (WAL)

In support of this initiative, each of the Utilities has developed a comprehensive plan outlining the objectives and priorities set by the Board contained in the attached Business Plans. The latter provides a much more detailed explanation for each of the strategic objectives for the current and coming financial years, which are described more precisely in these reports.

Keywords: Tonga, Combine Utility Board, Tonga Powe Limited (TPL), Tonga Gas Limited (TGL), Home Gas Limited (HGL), Tonga Water Board Limited, Waste Authoriyu Limited (WAL)

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