Productive Utilization of Renewable Energy in the Tourism Sector of the Forum's Small Island States in the South (PURE SIS TOUR SOUTH)

This report was prepared by Frank Vukikomoala,Economic Development Division, SPC. The project “Productive Utilization of Renewable Energy in the Tourism Sector of the Forum’s Small Island States in the South” or PURE SIS South Tour for short is co-funded by the Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement through Renewable Energy Project (PIGGAREP) from SPREP and the Pacific Islands Development Cooperation Fund (PIDCF) from PIF to promote the productive utilization of feasible renewable energy technologies in the tourism sector of the southern SIS so as to promote fossil fuel free eco-tourism and sustainable livelihoods for recipient countries. The objectives is to identify and undertake an assessment of eco-tourism sites in Tuvalu, Niue and Cook Islands to be supported by the project, Identify opportunities to replicate best practices and experiences for the project and identify potential financing schemes to add on to the project.

Project survey trip mainly focused on the collection of primary data and information following discussions with relevant in-country stakeholders and surveys of 3 sites per country.

Keywords: Renewabl Energy in Tourism sector, PURE SIS South Tour

Frank Vukikomoala
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