Kiribati Integrated Energy Roadmap (KIER): 2017–2025

The KIER is Kiribati's comprehensive energy roadmap, which takes into account renewable energy and energy efficiency potential in all sectors from 2017 to 2025. The findings of this roadmap show that power sector is a key area, where the ongoing efforts from the deployment of solar PV should be continued and complemented with and improvement of efficiency in Kiribati’s entire energy system, including electricity use, heating, cooling, and transport.

The outer islands have an ongoing successful solar home systems (SHS) program, which should be expanded and supported going forward. The potential for the development of coconut oil as an alternative fuel to diesel, for both power generation and transport, is also a key element that requires further development for a truly sustainable energy supply
from renewable and local sources, complementing the important role of solar PV in the electricity sector. Specific measures need to be put in place for making best use of solar and wind resources, as well as for deploying the necessary water desalination capacity using renewables after minimizing water losses.

These issues have been assessed in two separate, in-depth studies, one on grid integration of solar PV in south Tarawa, the other on options for water desalination using renewables. The key findings from these studies, developed in support of the KIER, are integrated as part of the KIER, in chapters 5 and 11 respectively.

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