Journal Article - The First PV-Diesel Hybrid System in the Maldives Installed At Mandhoo Island

A grid-connected PV-diesel hybrid system has been designed and installed at one of the Outer Islands of the Maldives, as part of the SMILES project. Matching of demand and supply was thoroughly examined using the HOMER optimization programme. Data on daily load and efficiency of present diesel generators were collected as well as data on solar irradiation. The system simulations showed that with a daily load of 207 kWh/day the combination of a 12 kWp PV system with a battery backup capacity of 108 kWh would be optimum, given the most convenient strategy for the use of two differently sized diesel generators now present. Future demand growth can be accommodated by only a slight change in diesel generator operating strategy.

Keywords: small grid-connected PV Systems, hybrid, sizing, renewable energy, HOMER

W.G.J.H.M. van Sark
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