Improving the Delivery of Infrastructure Services in the Pacific

This report contains the findings, regional and national strategies, and recommendations that constitute the chief results of ADB’s regional technical assistance (RETA) project:Improving the Delivery of Infrastructure Services in the Pacific. The following Volumes comprise the Final Report of the RETA.

Volume I (this volume) is the Executive Summary, providing a synopsis of the main findings concerning the critical issues and the status of infrastructure sectors in the eight ADB Pacific Developing Member Countries
1 participating in the RETA’s consultative process, and of the national and regional strategies and of the concept of a Regional Advisory Service that have been developed from the consultations.

Volume II contains the full national strategies and country reports of the eight countries, the regional strategy paper, and the concept paper for a Regional Advisory Service (a capacity that might be developed to support implementation of the regional strategy). Volume II also contains, as an Annex, the full list of persons and organizations contacted by the RETA during the consultation process.

Volume III contains the full papers discussing the critical issues affecting infrastructure that have been examined by the RETA, to wit, (i) Governance and Regulation, (ii) Finance and Private Sector Partnership (PSP), (iii) Asset Maintenance, and (iv) Benchmarking

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