Energy Technology

LPG and Natural Gas as Alternative Energy Sources for the Pacific

The study assesses the potential and economic feasibility of LPG, LNG or CNG to meet medium term energy needs in PICTs. It considers the end-use applications of power generation, process heating, maritime transport, land transport, cooking and water heating. The existing fuels considered for substitution include heavy fuel oil (HFO), diesel, gasoline, kerosene and biomass.

International aviation fuel is excluded because gas does not offer a technologically viable alternative to aviation fuel at this stage.

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Outcomes of the Second Meeting of Pacific Ministers of Energy and Transport

Report of the 2nd Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministers Meeting held between 2April - 4 April 2014 in Nadi, Fiji.

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Pacific Regional Energy Ministers Resolution 2014

The combined plenary Energy and Transport officials meeting was co-hosted by the government of Fiji and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and was held on 31st March 2014 and 1st April 2014 at the Novotel Hotel in Nadi, Fiji. 

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Kiribati Country Report

This report was prepared by ESCAP consisting of Rikke Munk Hansen and Herbert Wade. The mission was to visit Tarawa, Kiribati to assist in developing detailed terms of reference for a prefeasibility study on solar/diesel hybrid power development for Islands Council Office areas on rural islands.  

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Biofuel Energy from Coconut in the Pacific Islands - The Lory Coperative Pilot Project

This report was written as a thesis for the environmental Sociology Group of the Department of Social Science at Wageningen Agricultural University. It is a product of a fieldwork period in Port Olry (Vanuatu) and project preparation at SPC Noumea. 

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Pacific Regional Energy Assesment (PREA) 1992: Volume 11. Tuvalu Issues and Options in the Energy Sector

PREA 1992 Report on the Tuvalu issues and options in the energy sector. Published by the World Bank in cooperation with the UNDP/ESCAP Pacific Energy Development Programme and the Asian Development Bank.

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Samoa Biofuel Study Report

Biofuel study report 2009 for Samoa by UNFAO.

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Enhancing Effective Regulation of Water and Energy Infrastructure and Utility Services: Interim Pacific Report

This report was prepared by Castalia Advisory to the Asian Development Bank. The provision of water and energy infrastructure and services in the Pacific is poor when compared with other small island states. Many people, especially the rural poor, lack access to adequate water and energy services, and many water and energy utilities provide ineffective and inefficient service.

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Participant Manual - Pacific Renewable Energy and Microfinance (PREM)

This report was prepared by the Foundation for the Development Cooperation for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Scientifically, energy is defined as the ability for something to “work” now or in the future. This abstract definition has little meaning for nonscientists, so for simplicity it is more common to think of energy in terms of the services it provides.


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