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Guide on gender mainstreaming: Energy and Climate change Projects

This Guide is part of an organization-wide initiative to mainstream gender into all of UNIDO’s technical cooperation projects and programmes. Karen Cadondon, Eliana Gutiérrez-Amo and Liv Pelt Steensig are the main authors of the document.

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This review report was prepared by an external consultant, Peter Johnston, with the support of the Pacifc Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) and the Pacifc Community (SPC). 

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Seventh Meeting of the Pacific Energy Advisory Group (PEAG) meeting report 2016

The 7th meeting of the PEAG was held jointly with The Heads of Maritime and Energy meeting was held in Port Vila, Vanuatu from 7th to 9th December 2016. The meeting was organized and co-hosted by the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, the Pacific Community (SPC), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the World Bank.

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2017 Pacific Benchmarking Data - Pacific Power Utilities

The dataseta shows the  2017 Key Performance Indicator(s) - KPIs Operational and performance Data. Extracted from the "Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Report 2017 Fiscal Year"

Table G.1 Generation 

Table G.2 Generation, Distirbution

Table G.3 Generation and Distributionm SAIDI SAIFI)

Table G.4 Demand Side Management DSM, HR and Safety Customer


Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Report 2017 Fiscal Year

This report is a publication of the Pacific Power Association (PPA). The report is based upon the 2017 fiscal reporting year relevant to each utility. Presents the results of the sixth successive annual assessment of Pacific electricity utility performance since 2011. Report prepared by PPA with technical support from the World Bank.

The 2017 exercise involves data from 22 power utilities compared to 17 for the 2016 Fiscal Year.

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Benchmarking Summary Report 2017 Fiscal Year

This report is a publication of Pacific Power Association (PPA).

The 2017 Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Summary Report highlights data from 22 Power Utilities across Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). It covers:

- Benchmarking Overview,

- Governance

- Gender

- Data Reliability and

- KPI Results

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Tuvalu Biogas Toolkit - English and Tuvaluan Version

This handbook is meant for households who are interested in lowering high costs of energy sources for cooking purposes for their families. High costs of using kerosene and gas stoves for cooking will not build family resilience to the impacts of climate change. Likewise, on the consumption of imported foods, which are increasingly expensive. Having a biogas stove for cooking at home has been proven in Tuvalu to reduce household expenses for cooking using kerosene and gas stoves by 82% and 92% respectively (Binney, 2015).

Tuvalu National Gender Policy

Herewith Tuvalu National Gender Policy: Strategic Plan of Action 2014-2016.

The three-year Strategic Plan of Action proposes a series of outputs and key actions in order to achieve the outcomes of the National Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. Its implementation requires the active contribution of the Government and civil society organisations. The outcomes and outputs proposed must be incorporated and addressed in the national policy and programmes in every sector and need to be part of annual plans.

Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Summary Report 2016 Fiscal Year

This report is a publication of the Pacific Power Association (PPA). The World Bank through the Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project (SEIPD) implemented by the PPA provided technical assistance and publication support.

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