Tonga Tariff adjustments in 2017

Following captures noted announcement on tarriff adjuctments in 2017


2018 Pacific Fuel Price Monitor

This report captures Pacific Fuel Price Monitor for 2018 based on an annual average. The review covers the Pacific Fuel prices (source from Pacific Island countries including Australia and New Zealand).

The reports captures:

  • regional retail fuel prices
  • unleaded motor gasoline prices (mogas)
  • automotive diesel oil (ADO) prices
  • kerosene prices and
  • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)


2018 Quarter 1: Pacific Fuel Price Monitor (PFPM)

This report captures the Pacific Fuel Price Monitor for the first quarter (Jan -March 2018). Reviews are based on analysis of Means of Platts Singapore(MOPS), Benchmark Saudi Aramco LPG prices(sourced from 3MCO) and Pacific Fuel Prices on an quarterly average (source from Pacific Island countries).

The report captures:

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A Pre-Feasibility Study on Wind Energy for Tongatapu Island, Kingdom of Tonga Kingdom of Tonga

This wind pre-feasibility study is part of the support provided by the project - Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region (CCCPIR) \ to the Government of Tonga, through the Energy Division of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

CCCPIR aims to build and strengthen the capacities of Pacific member countries and regional organizations to adapt to and mitigate, climate change impacts. The programme started in January 2009 and will end in December 2015.

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Environmental Impact Assessment: Tonga Power Limited Proposed Wind Farm

This is an Environmental Impact Assessment report at Niutoua, Hahake District Area, with consideration of the Tonga Power Limited’s proposed wind farm. This is the eastern coast of Tongatapu Island, the capital island of the Kingdom of Tonga. The principal objective is to improve energy supply with an increasing use of renewable energy.

Pacific Energy Update 2018

The 14 developing member countries (DMCs) of the Pacific Department of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cover a wide diversity.

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Pacific Fuel Price Monitor 2017

This report captures the 2017 yearly, Pacific Fuel Price Monitor. Reviews are based on analysis of Means of Platts Singapore(MOPS), Benchmark Saudi Aramco LPG prices(sourced from 3MCO) and Pacific Fuel Prices on an annual average (source from Pacific Island countries)

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Electricity and Water Regulation in Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Palau

The electricity sector highlights how the sector is organized, recent performance trends, and a desk assessment of regulatory substance and governance. This assessment will be supplemented through field work. The areas where further information is needed from field interviews are highlighted in this case study.

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Progress report on the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific 2010–2020 implementation plan for the period April 2011 to December 2015

This report is an effort to capture what has been carried out under the ‘Implementation Plan of the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific 2011–2015’. It is an attempt to improve the accountability and transparency of the work of the implementation partners, in highlighting what has been carried out, what were their outputs and what impacts they made.

Keywords - FAESP implementation plan progress report 2015

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