Palau 2014 HIES

This report was prepared by the Office of Planning & Statistics, Ministry of Finance. The Palau National Household Income and Expenditure survey (HIES) was implemented over a 12 month period from November 2013 - October 2014. The report is the first generated output of the HIES and it touches information on the survey, interpretation and analysis of data, and an appendix of key expenditure and income tables.

The main objectives of the survey were to: rebase the consumer price index basket; supplement data in compiling components of national accounts, balance of payment and other economic indicators; and enable further analysis of poverty in Palau. Additionally, the survey results provide useful information and indicators on the socioeconomic situation of Palauan households. This information will inform policy-makers in framing social developmental policies and in initiating financial measures for improving economic conditions of people.

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Palau's Office of Planning and Statistic
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