Pacific Infrastructure Performance Indicators

This report was written by John Austin, Jan Willem Overbreek, John Larcombe, Maria Corazon Alejandrino Yap and Veronica Piatkov. The key long-term goal of the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) is to achieve increased quality and quantity of infrastructure for all people in Pacific Island Countries (PICs).  As part of realizing this goal, the PRIF Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) at a meeting in April 2010 underscored the importance of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as a means of appraising how well the PICs are performing in the infrastructure sector and what impact PRIF partner activities are having on overall infrastructure performance (see Box 1). The Pacific Infrastructure Advisory Center (PIAC), the technical assistance arm of PRIF, was thus tasked with measuring performance indicators in the infrastructure sub-sector across the PICs. This report presents a set of PIPIs using a standardized approach for purpose of measuring infrastructure development and service delivery.

Report Structure: The PIPIs report is organized into three sections. Following this contextual introduction (Section I), Section II presents the baseline performance indicators for each infrastructure subsector including Energy, ICT, Solid Waste Management, Transport and Water and Sanitation. Section III concludes with the identification of a range of strategic recommendations derived from the PIPIs data collection and analysis project. The recommendations hone in on practical approaches to navigating data gaps in the future and also distinguishing pathways for advancing PRIF monitoring and evaluation. Datasets for each subsector are included in Appendix D for easy reference. Where graphs are presented, the color gray marks the highest indicator/s while blue marks the lowest indicator/s.

Keywords: Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF), Energy, ICT, Solid Waste Management, Transport, Water and Sanitation

John Austin
Jan Willem Overbeek
John Larcombe
Veronica Piatkov
Maria Corazon Alejandrino-Yap
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