Nauru 2015 Household Electrical Appliances, Lights, and End-use Survey

A household electrical appliances, lights, and end-use survey was undertaken in Nauru in June/July 2015. In total 286 households were surveyed, which constitutes 17% of all households in Nauru.Captured in report are some of the findings as well as a few observations.

The expected outcomes of the household survey are:

a) Which electrical appliances and lights that are major users of energy and have the most potential for efficiency improvements determined;
b) A residential sector baseline concerning electrical appliances and lights established; and
c) Potential residential sector energy savings and energy efficiency targets for Nauru recommended.

The objective for the energy survey was to fill-in key energy data gaps for the residential sector in an accurate and statistically relevant manner. 

Keywords: Nauru, Household Electrical Apliances, Electricity, Energy Data. 2015 End-user survey,Thomas Lynge Jensen


Thomas Lynge Jensen
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