Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Solar Photovoltaic Project at 'Eua

The 'Eua Solar Photovoltaic Plant project provides a system with 200 kWp nominal power consisting of photovoltaic (PV) modules, mounting structures, foundations for the mounting structures, PV grid inverter, distribution boxes, grounding, fuses, connections and monitoring device according to the existing interfaces and conditions. The system will have a power control unit that controls the generated PV power to realise a maximum reduction in fuel consumption of existing diesel generation sets. The control unit will ensure that diesel power is generated in relation to actual demand.

Actual environmental impact assessment (EIA) conducted pursuant to relevant provisions of the EIA Act 2003 and the EIA Regulations 2010 determined that the project will not pose any significant and negative environmental, social, biological and economic effects on the communities of 'Eua. The issue of soil erosion is of great concern in the town of 'Ohonua and the project is recommended to proceed but conditional on the proponent putting in place proper drainage in the site given the location of the project along the higher part of 'Ohonua.

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