Clean Diesel Opportunities in Pacific Island Countries FINAL REPORT

A considerable amount of effort has been focused on addressing the energy supply and security issues within the Pacific.

The aim of this report is to provide near term solutions that can improve generation efficiency, increasing electrical generation by at least 10 percent without additional fuel costs or increased emissions. What is sought now is support to analyse an immediate opportunity with a view to preparing a pragmatic commercial package that will allow its early implementation.

This Study has set out to establish a practical and implementable Clean Diesel Strategy for Pacific Island Countries (PICs). To be implementable, such a strategy must:

1. Support the leadership positions being adopted by many of the PIC in relation to the adoption of clean energy;

2. Recognise the practical, technical and logistical issues that prevail in the region;

3. Work within the financial, regulatory and funding constraints that dictate operational issues for PIC utilities;

4. Be based on available, proven and supportable technologies; and

5. Not add to the logistical and operational burden already facing PIC utilities.

Moreover, success will ultimately be achieved only if the strategy is commercially sustainable. This will require extensive private sector participation. The review undertaken by the authors as part of the strategy formulation focussed initially on a study of potential technologies that are commercially proven and which have the capacity of producing a substantial reduction in diesel consumption within PICs. Concurrently, a reference site, termed the “Study Host” was assessed in detail to test assumptions and determine what options were in fact practicable from the perspective of a functioning PIC energy utility

Keywords: Clean Diesel Strategy, Pacific Island Countries (PIC),

Commonwealth of Australia
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