Seventh Meeting of the Pacific Energy Advisory Group (PEAG) meeting report 2016

The 7th meeting of the PEAG was held jointly with The Heads of Maritime and Energy meeting was held in Port Vila, Vanuatu from 7th to 9th December 2016. The meeting was organized and co-hosted by the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, the Pacific Community (SPC), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the World Bank.

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2017 Pacific Benchmarking Data - Pacific Power Utilities

The dataseta shows the  2017 Key Performance Indicator(s) - KPIs Operational and performance Data. Extracted from the "Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Report 2017 Fiscal Year"

Table G.1 Generation 

Table G.2 Generation, Distirbution

Table G.3 Generation and Distributionm SAIDI SAIFI)

Table G.4 Demand Side Management DSM, HR and Safety Customer


Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards Programme (PALS) Final Evaluation Final Report

The Pacific Appliance Labelling and Standards Programme (PALS), with funding and oversight from the Commonwealth of Australia, and regional management from the Pacific Community (SPC), has supported ten PICs since 2012 as they sought to enact legislation and implement Minimum Energy Performance  Standards and Labelling (MEPSL) for their highest energy-consuming appliances.

Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Report 2017 Fiscal Year

This report is a publication of the Pacific Power Association (PPA). The report is based upon the 2017 fiscal reporting year relevant to each utility. Presents the results of the sixth successive annual assessment of Pacific electricity utility performance since 2011. Report prepared by PPA with technical support from the World Bank.

The 2017 exercise involves data from 22 power utilities compared to 17 for the 2016 Fiscal Year.

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Tonga Tariff Adjustment in 2019

Following captures noted announcement on tarriff adjustments effective 1st March 2019.

The graph below shows how Tonga Power Limited (TPL) was holding its tariff since 2017 to February 2019, whilst diesel fluctuates over the same period.


Determination of Fiji Electricity Authority Rates; Tariff Alignment Phase II

Press Statement released by the Commerce Commission known as Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission (FCCC) on 21st October 2010.

Determination of Fiji Electricity Authority Tariff Rates; Tariff Alignment Phase 1

Press Statement released by the Commerce Commission known as Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission (FCCC).

The Press Statement highlights the proposal request set forth by FEA (known as EFL) to implement an increase tariff rate. Noted that FCCC regulates prices.

Provided are the Commission Notes, Analysis and Future.

Keywords: Electricity, Tariff, FCCC, FEA, EFL

FEA Electricity Tariff Rates 2009 -2010

The dataset captures the existing and approved Electricity Tariff Rates set by the Commerce Commission. it showcase the existing tariff rate since 1st September 2009 and the new approved tariff rate effective 1st June 2010.

In this new schedule, you will note that:

- Households consuming 130 kWh will now pay 16.4% less.

For example, an household paying $30 in the past will now pay $25.08. We have 17343 households who will get a relief with reduction in their bill by 16.46%;

- The high end domestic users will now have to pay 8.82 cents more;

2009 - 2010

Palau 2018 Urban Household Electrical Appliances, Lights and End-use Survey - Validated & Tabulated Results

In 2018 a household electrical appliances and lights survey were undertaken in the urban areas of Palau, i.e. Koror and Airai. The survey covered 40 urban households that have received an energy efficiency loan from the National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP) and a control group of 442 urban households that have not received an energy efficiency loan from the NDBP. The control group constitutes around 11.4% of all urban households in the country (as per 2015 census results there is a total of 3884 urban households in Palau).


Benchmarking Summary Report 2017 Fiscal Year

This report is a publication of Pacific Power Association (PPA).

The 2017 Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Summary Report highlights data from 22 Power Utilities across Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). It covers:

- Benchmarking Overview,

- Governance

- Gender

- Data Reliability and

- KPI Results

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