Solomon Islands Electricity Authority Annual Report 2016

2016 Highlights

  • Electricity Tariff (Base Tariff and Tariff Adjustments) Regulations 2016 gazetted
  • Commenced the Output Based Aid (OBA) programme
  • Sustained the reliability of electricity supply
  • G-1 operation in Honiara implemented successfully
  • The four new generators were brought on line at Lungga
  • Commissioned the 1 MW Solar Farm at Henderson
  • Commissioned black start facility on the two generators H1 and H2 at Honiara Power Station
  • Commissioned three new 11 kV and 415 V network extensions in Honiara
  • Progressed the project to design, procure and construct hybrid stations at Seghe and Taro
  • Commissioned the new power house at Gizo
  • Refurbishment of the existing power house at Noro completed
  • Commissioned two new generators at Tulagi and one generator each at Auki and Gizo
  • Commissioned the 150 kW Mini Hydro at Buala
  • Streetlights in Honiara and Outstations repaired and replaced
  • Completed the external works associated with Phase 2 upgrade at Ranadi Head Office
  • Project to improve communications to Lata completed
  • Extension of mezzanine floor in the Ranadi Head Office commenced
  • Awarded the contracts for the Ranadi Substation upgrade, Feeder 12 relocation and Kola’a Ridge Substation projects
  • Commenced a project to convert the existing outstations at Kirakira, Lata, Malu’u, Munda and Tulagi to hybrid generation systems
  • Under the World Bank funded SISEP tenders called for the third 11/33 kV power transformer at Lungga Power Station
  • Commenced a project to install Smart Meters
  • Disaster Recovery project completed
  • Increased our focus on the development of the Fiu River Hydro Project
  • Increased our focus on the development of the Tina River Hydro Project
  • Implemented an operations and maintenance plan for all our network and generation assets
  • Increased focus on safety, training, nurturing and mentoring
  • Implemented a permit outage system for generation and network assets
  • Extended the exclusive development rights to Korea-water for Tina River Hydro Project
  • Continued internal safety, lineman and operator training programmes
Solomon Islands Electricity Authority
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