Samoa Government explains electricity tariff plan

Sunday 24 May 2015 News - extracted from Samoaobserver News Site

A drop in the tariffs by the Electric Power Corporation (E.P.C.) over the next three years is to be decided by the Office of the Regulator (O.O.T.R) next month. At present, the amount paid by Non- Domestic users is at $1.11 per unit. If approved by July, this would then decrease to $1.06 per unit, then $1:04 next year and to 93 sene in 2017. The proposed Tariff Structure totals an 18 sene decrease over the next three years and effective on July 1. "The question for O.O.T.R. is to determine whether the reductions are ‘just’ and reasonable.” 

Since the new Electricity Act, 2010, O.O.T.R. has had the authority to review and issue licences to independent or potential power producers and to approve and review changes to E.P.C. tariffs.

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