Master Plan Study Of Power Development In Solomon Islands 2001

Background and objectives
The power supply to attend the electricity public demand in the Solomon Islands is achieved almost by diesel power plants. Fuel costs from the diesel power plants have deteriorated the financial situation of Solomon Island Electricity Authority (SIEA).

Under these circumstances, the Government of the Solomon Islands requested the Government of Japan to conduct a study for a long-term power development master plan. In response to this request, JICA, as the executing agency of the Japanese Government, with the mediation of the Project Formation Mission, agreed the scope of work and the minutes of meeting with the Solomon Government, and decided to dispatch the JICA Master Plan Study Team (JICA M/P Team).

The objectives of the Master Plan Study are:

  • to formulate a long-term power supply plan and implementation plan, to be completed by 2015, based on the utilization of renewable energy, and
  • to provide recommendations on institutional organization for the electric power sector in the Solomon Islands.
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