Increasing the Participation of Women Entrepreneurs in the Solomon Islands Aid Economy

The World Bank undertook this study to explore the scope for, and potential impacts of, increasing the local economic impact of aid through increased local spending by donors. More specifically, this study examines the potential for increasing participation of Solomon Islands women entrepreneurs in relation to local aid-economy opportunities. The research is framed around four key questions:

1. What are the key characteristics of the Solomon Islands aid economy?

2. Why increase the participation of women entrepreneurs in the Solomon Islands aid economy?

3. What is currently constraining greater participation by women entrepreneurs?

4. What can be done to address existing constraints?

This research was primarily based on interviews and workshops with women entrepreneurs and analysis of women-owned businesses. Constraints to increased participation identified in this report are those cited as particular problems by women. But many of the constraints also impact on businesses owned by men, and some recommendations in this report would have a positive impact on Solomon Islands businesses operated by both men and women entrepreneurs.

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