Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Photovoltaic Plant at Lifuka - Ha'apai

The Lifuka Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plant is a development activity which is aimed at supplying secure and environmentally sustainable energy to homes, schools, and other public facilities on the islands of Lifuka and Foa in the Ha;apai Group. The development activity will make possible an integraded power system in which the new technologies of photovoltaic generation and storage system are interfaced to the existing diesel control unit. On completion the development will make possible provision of significant ratio of renewable energy additional to that currently generated by the existing diesel power plant.

An environmental impact assessment conducted for the proposed development activity has determined no negative and significant environmental, social, cultural and economic impact will materialise at both the construction and operational phases if approval is granted by the relevant authority. Minor negative effects will eventuate during and after removal of vegetation but situation will not become critical due to presence of representative tree cover in adjoining land. Final approval will be made conditional on meeting precautionary matters by the proponent to protect environmental, social, cultural and economic interests of relevant stakeholders. 

On completion the PV Plant will have a capacity of 550 kWp peak power additional to existing diesel-powered capacity with a battery storage bank of 660 kWh capacity.

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