Building Energy Codes Report For Papua New Guinea

This report was prepared by the Building Codes Assistance Project of the Alliance to Save Energy.

Papua New Guinea is a small economy with very few strictly implemented building energy codes. Projections of a near term shift in energy status, from a net exporter to a net importer, plus concerns over global climate change and costs of energy, generally, point to the opportunities that energy efficiency and conservation provide for Papua New Guinea. As current energy resources are being depleted, implementing energy efficient practices and investing in renewable forms of energy provide the key to a sustainable future for this and every nation.

Papua New Guinea has adopted building codes based on those in Australia.  As of May 1, 2009, Australia enacted the 2009 Building Code of Australia (BCA‐2009), developed and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).  In Australia, this performance‐based code is amended and updated annually every 1st of May.  The codes cover structure, fire resistance, services, equipment, energy efficiency, and certain aspects of health and amenities. As a small island economy with a constant threat of rising water levels and earthquakes, adopting Australian building codes helps Papua New Guinea to enforce the construction of safe, structurally sound buildings and homes.   Research was unable to ascertain the level to which Papua New Guinea enforces the code.  

Keywords: Papua New Guinea, Building Energy Codes, Building Code of Australia

Building Codes Assistance Project of the Alliance to Save Energy
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