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The non-availability of reliable and updated quality information and knowledge is a major barrier for the uptake of sustainable energy technology markets. Particularly, in small island developing states (SIDS) domestic key stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, entrepreneurs, project developers, suppliers) have difficulties to access information on latest technology innovations, lessons learned, as well as practical templates and tools. Simultaneously, for international partners it is challenging to access knowledge on the specific conditions and latest developments in these countries. Therefore, under the umbrella of the Pacific Community (SPC), the PCREEE and the Pacific Regional Data Repository for SE4ALL (PRDR) are operating a joint knowledge platform which will be expanded throughout the next years. The platform will contribute to the joint platform of the other regional centers under the Global Network of Regional Sustainable Energy Centers (GN-SEC). 



Post datesort ascending Title Countries covered Year Published
Nov 20, 2014 Pacific Energy News (PEN) number 3, September 2001 Regional 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter 2005. Tuvalu 2005
Nov 20, 2014 Report on the consultation workshop on the development of the Tuvalu National Energy Policy, Funafuti, 12-14 April 2005, PIEPSAP project report 10 Regional, Tuvalu 2005
Nov 20, 2014 Tuvalu - preparation of a national energy policy and strategic action plan - work plan proposal -, PIEPSAP project report 21, February 2005 Tuvalu 2005
Nov 20, 2014 Wave data collection, Western Samoa (outer), May 1990 - December 1991 Samoa 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Wave data collection, Western Samoa (outer), May 1990 - July 1992 Samoa 2001
Nov 20, 2014 An appraisal of the visual wave observations at Funafuti 1984-1992 Tuvalu 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Cook Islands offshore survey (Cruise CK 78-2), 26 November - 9 December 1978 Cook Islands 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Installation of waverider buoy, offshore, Tongatapu, 21' 13.26' S, 175' 12.90'W, Kingdom of Tonga, 22 June 1987 Tonga 1980
Nov 20, 2014 Resource materials from Pacific regional energy program, power uitility GIS workshop, 14-17 April 1998 Solomon Islands, Tonga 1998
Nov 20, 2014 Ocean wave measurement workshop II, 17-28 February 1992 Regional 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Pacific islands energy ministers conference, 10-12 August 1988, Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii, Regional 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Site location for waverider buoy in Western Samoa, 3 June 1988 Samoa 2001
Nov 20, 2014 SOPAC workshop on sea and swell data, 21 November - 5 December 1989, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Cook Islands 1989
Nov 20, 2014 The current status of CCOP/SOPAC energy programmes, a speech presented to the UN-PEDP Ministerial Energy Conference, East/West Centre, Honolulu, August 10 - 12, 1988 Regional 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Pacific Energy News (PEN) number 1, February 2002 Regional 2002


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