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The non-availability of reliable and updated quality information and knowledge is a major barrier for the uptake of sustainable energy technology markets. Particularly, in small island developing states (SIDS) domestic key stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, entrepreneurs, project developers, suppliers) have difficulties to access information on latest technology innovations, lessons learned, as well as practical templates and tools. Simultaneously, for international partners it is challenging to access knowledge on the specific conditions and latest developments in these countries. Therefore, under the umbrella of the Pacific Community (SPC), the PCREEE and the Pacific Regional Data Repository for SE4ALL (PRDR) are operating a joint knowledge platform which will be expanded throughout the next years. The platform will contribute to the joint platform of the other regional centers under the Global Network of Regional Sustainable Energy Centers (GN-SEC). 



Post datesort ascending Title Countries covered Year Published
Nov 20, 2014 Wind energy and its potential in the Pacific Islands, March 2009 Regional 2003
Nov 20, 2014 Economic and financial analysis of the use of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for household cooking in Nauru. Nauru 2000
Nov 20, 2014 In-country Workshop on Energy Auditing and Reporting - Component of the REP-5 Programme in Nauru - Energy Efficiency Training and Public Awareness Campaign, 2-10 June 2008 Nauru 2008
Nov 20, 2014 National energy demand /supply database, Kiribati, May 1999 Kiribati 1999
Nov 20, 2014 Proceedings of the eighth session, Suva, Fiji, 24 September - 1 October 1979. Fiji 1978
Nov 20, 2014 The results of a reconnaisance survey into the energy potential and development prospects of wave energy reaching the blow-holes area along the South Coast of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga Fiji 1978
Nov 20, 2014 Report on interpretation of seismic profiling data collected on the Vauban Cruise in Vanuatu waters. Vanuatu 1981
Nov 20, 2014 A geological and geophysical investigation of the Western Solomon sea, Trobriand basin, and adjacent areas - cruise report of the R/V Natsushima, 5 Dec 1983 - Jan 1984 Solomon Islands 1979
Nov 20, 2014 A marine geological and geophysical survey of the Northern Tonga ridge and adjacent Lau basin Tonga 1979
Nov 20, 2014 Geochemical and structural studies of the Northern Melanesian Borderland, Kana Keoki cruise 820316 - Leg 2, Pago Pago - Suva Fiji 1979
Nov 20, 2014 Proceedings of the fourth session, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 8-16 September 1975 Solomon Islands 1979
Nov 20, 2014 Proceedings of the Symposium on petroleum potential in Island arcs, small ocean basins, submerged margins and related areas; held in Suva, Fiji, 18-21 September 1979 Fiji, Regional 1979
Nov 20, 2014 The Northern Lau Basin: diffuse backarc extension at the leading edge of the Indo-Australian plate Fiji, Regional 1979
Nov 20, 2014 Feasibility of coconut oil as a diesel substitute in Kiribati-inception report, PIEPSAP project report 28, July 2005 Kiribati 2005
Nov 20, 2014 Contamination risk assessment from WW II armoury in Iron Bottom Sound, Solomon Islands Solomon Islands 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Preliminary results of contamination risk assessment from WWII, armoury in Iron Bottom Sound, Solomon Islands, March 1999 Solomon Islands 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Pacific Energy News (PEN) issue 1, July 1999 Regional 1999
Nov 20, 2014 Energy Division Mission to Papua New Guinea 8-12 February 2000 Papua New Guinea 2000
Nov 20, 2014 Review of NAMDRIK atoll solar project, Republic of the Marshall Islands - Final report, PIEPSAP project report 50, October 2005 Republic of the Marshall Islands 2006
Nov 20, 2014 Review of Namdrik atoll, solar project, RMI-debriefing note, PIEPSAP project report 29, August 2005 Republic of the Marshall Islands 2006
Nov 20, 2014 Water and sanitation project, visit to Kiribati, 21 - 24 January 1995 Kiribati 2001
Nov 20, 2014 Modifications to the national energy demand/supply database, Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 2000
Nov 20, 2014 Demand side management training with the Fiji Department of Energy and Fiji Electricity Authority, 2-13 February 2004 Fiji 2004
Nov 20, 2014 SOPAC's participation and contribution to the 13th Pacific Power Association annnual conference, PPA engineers workshop & trade exhibition, 9-13 August 2004, Warwick, Fiji Islands Fiji, Regional 2004
Nov 20, 2014 Demand side management in the Pacific Islands, progress report, March 2004 Regional 2004


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