Consultant - IRENA Pacific Focal Point

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Deadline for Application:                                16 February 2021 (at midnight, Abu Dhabi Local Time)
 Total Fees:                                              USD 60,000
Contract Type:                                        Individual Contractor / Consultant
Duration of Contract:                            12 Months
Location:                                                 Remote
Expected Date for Entry on Duty:        As soon as possible

The applicant must be legally permitted to reside and work in Fiji, as we will not be able to provide visa support.


The International Renewable Energy Agency is an inter-governmental organisation headquartered in Abu Dhabi, mandated to promote the widespread and increased adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity. IRENA’s mission is to play a leading role in the ongoing transformation of the global energy systems as a center of excellence for knowledge and innovation, a global voice of renewable energy, a network hub for all stakeholders and a source of advice and support for countries.  At present, IRENA has 163 Members (162 States and the European Union) that acceded to its Statute, and 21 additional States in the process of accession and actively engaged.

Country Engagement and Partnerships Division (CEP) leads the work with countries. It supports them in the development and implementation of national and regional renewable energy strategies, by contextualizing the knowledge being developed in the other three divisions of IRENA, to the national requirements. Its activities enable a systematic overview of country and regional needs, experiences and trends to help facilitate cross-fertilization of best practices between countries and regions, and shape IRENA's future programmatic priorities.

It is essential for IRENA to engage an expert from the region with sound knowledge and experience about the uniqueness of the economic, social, cultural and geographical features of the Pacific islands. Furthermore, it is a valuable opportunity for building relationships, networking and sustaining a prominent profile in the region that meets the expectations of IRENA Pacific members. To support IRENA efforts in facilitating the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) to reduce the dependency on petroleum, a number of specific projects and activities have been developed and included in the IRENA Work Programme and Budget for 2021-2022, particularly in the thematic area: “Islands: Lighthouses for renewable energy deployment”.

Objectives and outcomes

The Pacific Focal Point shall contribute towards the representation of IRENA in the Pacific region and shall support the implementation of IRENA’s regional activities in an integrated manner, with a view to supporting the establishment of an enabling environment for accelerated renewable energy deployment which will facilitate the transition in the region from systems highly dependent on fossil fuels to renewable energy-based systems.


Under the guidance of the Director, Country Engagement and Partnerships (“CEP”), and the immediate supervision of the Head of Partnerships, the IRENA Pacific Focal Point shall support the implementation of IRENA’s activities in the Pacific region. The IRENA work programme activities for the Pacific region involve all three IRENA programmatic divisions.

The IRENA activities related to the Pacific region, which the Pacific Focal Point shall support, include but are not limited to the following:

1. SIDS Lighthouses Initiative

  • Facilitate interaction with LHI partners in the region;
  • Collect information and data from countries and stakeholders in the Pacific region;
  • Support the development of and updates to energy transformation knowledge products (including, but not limited to, country profiles);
  • Contribute to the work of IRENA on the nexus between energy and food, water and health;
  • Contribute to the work of IRENA on all SIDS LHI new priority areas (LHI 2.0), including sustainable transport, energy efficiency;
  • Substantially contribute to the preparation of an annual progress report on SIDS LHI.

2. Energy Roadmaps and Renewable Readiness Assessments (RRA)

  • Follow up on the actions taken by relevant countries based on the RRA recommendations, as requested;
  • Facilitate interactions with development partners for the implementation of RRA recommendations;
  • Liaise with other PICTs to gauge interest in undertaking additional RRAs; support their implementation, upon request; and
  • Liaise with PICTs in the development of national RE roadmaps.

3. Technical support and capacity building

  • Provide support in organizing and running technical support and capacity building activities, including on Power Purchase Agreements;
  • Review renewable energy policies or roadmaps for Pacific SIDS, as requested;
  • Provide technical support in the context of the National Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the Pacific (including the enhancement and implementation of NDCs);
  • ​​​​Support joint capacity building activities for IRENA tools and platforms such as the Global Atlas, Project Navigator, Climate Investment Platform and Investment Forums, etc.;
  • Participate and represent IRENA in regional, national, and international meetings, workshops, upon request;
  • Work closely with PICTs for capacity building activities either at a national, regional or international level and promote/assist PICTs participation in IRENA capacity building activities;
  • Provide support in carrying out research, developing reports, brochures and related public awareness and communication material (which may include the development of videos, flyers, social media campaigns etc.);
  • Provide support in data collation and analysis on topics related to the priority areas of the SIDS LHI, including information on electrification of health centers in the region; and
  • Support logistics arrangements for workshops and meetings. 

4. Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA)

  • Liaise with the Pacific Community (SPC) and PICT members of the GGA regarding GGA and IRENA activities relevant to the region; and
  • Monitor, assess, and report on relevant geothermal developments in the Pacific in terms of research and financial programmes, capacity building activities, roadmaps, policies and regulation, projects under development and exploration.

5. Grid Stability

  • Assist in the implementation of grid stability studies in PICTs either through in-country workshops, data collection, logistics, etc.;
  • Facilitate training workshops and outreach programmes for all key stakeholders; and
  • Follow up on recommendations of grid stability studies for PICTs.

6. Assist with the implementation of the other Pacific-region-related projects and activities as required.

The Pacific Focal Point shall provide support to the coordination and implementation of the IRENA work programme activities for the Pacific region, coordinating effectively with the governments of PICTs, power utilities, development partners and relevant stakeholders. This will help further develop a network for IRENA in the Pacific region.

It is expected that the Pacific Focal Point shall undertake at least four (4) missions, each for a period of approximately 4 (4) days, throughout the term of the contract, although IRENA shall advise the Pacific Focal Point of the exact details of such travel, if any, during the contract term. Any such travel shall be undertaken in accordance with the IRENA Travel Policy.

The Pacific Focal Point shall report via email every two (2) weeks to the Head of Partnerships on the progress of the implementation of activities. Based on these implementation reports, the Pacific Focal Point shall also submit a more detailed implementation report every (1) month.

In the implementation of the work, Pacific Focal Point shall interact with relevant IRENA project managers as needed. The priorities of the Pacific Focal Point’s work shall be periodically reviewed by the Focal Point supervisors and any revisions thereto shall be duly communicated to the Pacific Focal Point.

The Pacific Focal Point shall work from the Pacific Community (SPC) office in Suva, Fiji for a maximum of up to 150 days per year during the SPC business hours, which are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The specific working days will be agreed upon in consultation with the Pacific Focal Point's supervisors.

The Pacific Focal Point shall sign in and sign out of an attendance register on each working day at the SPC office. Any absences shall be duly recorded in the attendance register, including a written justification thereof. The attendance register shall be maintained and co-signed daily by the SPC Deputy Director Georesources and Energy Programme or the SPC Officer in Charge in his absence.

The Pacific Focal Point shall be paid a daily rate of USD 400, paid monthly based on the satisfactory performance by the  Pacific  Focal  Point of all of its assigned responsibilities as detailed in these Terms of Reference, including but not limited to the timely submission via email of the implementation report every two (2) weeks, the more detailed implementation report every (1) month and a copy of the completed attendance register at the end of each month.


Education: Master’s degree in energy systems, renewable energy technologies, or energy economics, or energy management, or sustainable energy systems;

Experience: A minimum of 9 years of experience in renewable energy project development including coordination and implementation for the Pacific islands; Well established networks with the relevant organisations, power utilities, and the governments of the PICTs; Proven record on satisfactory deliverables; and expertise on grid stability issues is preferable. Sound knowledge of renewable energy technologies and expert-level technical expertise on key renewable energy systems and extensive experience in their deployment in the Pacific region, particularly the knowledge of the major issues that need to be addressed in order for sustainable operation of the renewable energy systems in the Pacific climates;

Language: Excellent command of written and spoken English is required. Knowledge of French is desirable.


Qualified candidates must apply for the above-mentioned vacancy on-line, through IRENA’s recruitment platform, Taleo, by submitting a complete and comprehensive CV and a letter of interest, including details of three professional references who will be contacted if their application is shortlisted.

Note that candidates should be capable of working together with people from different national and cultural backgrounds. IRENA is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups, and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to.

Please note that only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted for further assessment and receive notice of the final outcome of the selection process

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