Sunday, 18 Aug 2019

Press release, 13 August 2019


Tuvalu although being one of the smallest coral atoll nations in the world, it is taking global leadership in its mitigation efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Moving with urgency, boldness and increased ambition, the Government of Tuvalu is partnering with the Pacific Community’s Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PCREEE) to conduct a National Energy Dialogue on Advancing its Energy and GHG mitigation targets.

The National Dialogue will bring together all key stakeholders including the private sector, the non-government organizations (NGOs), the development partners and community organizations.

The objectives of the dialogue are:

  1. To discuss the current status of Tuvalu’s National energy policy, Tuvalu Master Plan for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and GHG mitigation targets
  2. To identify business, employment and other co-benefits arising from pursuing Tuvalu’s energy and GHG targets
  3. To discuss and agree on key measures for accelerating progress on Tuvalu’s energy and GHG targets and how they could be financed
  4. To discuss and agree on a whole-of-country approach to pursuing Tuvalu’s energy and GHG targets
  5. To reaffirm Tuvalu’s support and commitment to work with SPC-PCREEE on new project initiatives

The dialogue is scheduled for 19 – 22 August 2019 in Funafuti, Tuvalu


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