Green News: Switching to renewable energy could save trillions worldwide

Sunday, 18 Sep 2022

Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy could save the world as much as $12tn (£10.2tn) by 2050, an Oxford University study says. The report's findings are based on looking at historic price data for renewables and fossil fuels and then modelling how they are likely to change in the future.

In the Pacific – as elsewhere in the world  –  the  use  of  nature’s  energy has enabled people to survive and flourish. In 2017, the Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PCREEE) was created as a gateway to promote greener and more efficient energy use in the Pacific and to be a platform for stronger partnerships between public and private sector leaders.

PCREEE supports activities with high relevance for the domestic private sector and industry. The centre promotes:

  • sustainable energy solutions and technologies to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of island industries with high value and job creation potential (e.g. agriculture, tourism, fishery, manufacturing, creative industry);
  • nexus-approaches which combine sustainable energy interventions with productive activities (e.g. value chain development) and other aspects of circular economy (e.g. resource efficiency, cleaner production, waste and water management, recycling); 
  • domestic sustainable energy entrepreneurship, industrial development and innovation.



Maëva Tesan
Information, Communication and Knowledge Management Officer
Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES) Programme

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